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    Packers and Movers

    Welcome to Piyush International Packers and Movers the leading service providers in India. Years of experience, innovative ideas and safest services are the top features of our company. We have evolved from a small service provider to the larger one today because we work with 100% customer satisfaction. Packers and Movers are aimed to offer the superior services at reasonable cost so, we are always available to make your move smooth, safe and cost effective. So, we are expert in all services starting from the local shifting services to the international level. Hence, contact us to get the best as per your need.

    Piyush movers and packers offer home and office goods shifting services in all cities within India. We will pack the goods with good quality packing material to make the move safe and smooth. We have trained experts in the team for packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of all kinds of the goods. Hence, from a small item to the bigger one we have expertise of shifting all kinds of goods. So, be tension free as well as proceed for your safe move with Piyush Packers and Movers.

    Packers and Movers

    Piyush packers and movers prefer to offer the best to the clients at low cost. You can get the car and bike transport services, heavy goods shifting, warehouse services as well as best packers and movers top services all over India. We are the perfect spot for the services at just one call. Hence, you can easily get our services residing anywhere in India.

    How To Choose Best Packers and Movers?

    Packers and Movers is an industry including a lot of service providers. Each one have their own services and unique techniques so, it becomes very tough to select best one. The cost estimates may also differ as we move from one services provider to the other because of difference in the quality of the services and ways used. So, the best way to select the best one is to ask you relatives, colleagues and check the feedback of their services online. You can get the cost estimates from more than one service provider and later compare them and select the most suitable one. The most relevant thing to keep in mind is that never compromise with the quality of the services. Thus, good search and benefit you a lot.

    Why To Choose Us?

    The time efficiency is the key element in current scenario. People are very busy in their work and life. So, good services are in need but must be on time is also very essential. Piyush Packers and Movers are considered as unique in this area because we prefer time efficiency first. After that people want the best starting from a small needle to the double bed. Hence, services must also be up to that standard. Goods are expensive so services should also be very good to shift these valuables from one place to the other one.

    Piyush Packers and Movers keep this in mind and always maintain and innovate the services in this changing scenario. Packing material and staff skills are the key elements making the services smooth and hassle free. Packing material saves the goods as well as skilled staff use that packing material in effective manner and utilize the potential of their skills for good shifting experience. Hence, we always use top quality packing material to pack the goods and satisfy our customers by heart. Therefore, we can say that you will get a good experience with us and we are the unique service providers in this industry.

    Top Packers Movers Services

    Piyush movers and packers shifting includes the packing, loading, unloading as well as unpacking activities. Home or office goods face a lot of ups and downs during the process. Therefore, it is very essential to have the best quality packing material. Packing material is the key item that saves the goods from any type of damage. We keep a close look over the quality of packing material hence, you can be stress free now for your move. Piyush packers and movers pack all the items with best quality packing material. Hence, your goods will be supplied very safely to you within the given time. Moreover, the packing material may include the variety of items. Best packers and movers packing material is as follows:-

    Markers: To write on the boxes.

    Box Cutters: To cut edges of the packing boxes.

    Paper Wrapping: To reduce the chances of scratches & dirt entry.

    Bubble Wrap: To protect goods from damages.

    Masking Tapes: To seal packing boxes proper.

    Cartoon Boxes: To pack the goods for easy movement.

    Inflatable Bags: To protect breakable as well as fragile products from damages.

    We Provide Best Packing Moving Services

    Packing and moving involves a variety of services as well as expert trained staff to offer theses services to the clients. The clients search for the services which are of goods quality as well as the low cost. So, we offer home and office shifting services using good quality packing material. Moreover we are expert in vehicle moving services as car and bike transport services. We use best car carriers as well as all the safety measures to safely deliver the vehicle timely to your new place. We provide local moving services and heavy goods shifting services all over India. So, feel free to call us anytime. Moreover time efficiency as well as 100% customer satisfaction is our top most priority. Therefore, we are the top most packers and movers.

    Hence, you can get home and office shifting services at local as well as national level. In addition to this you can get your vehicle as car or bike transport services anytime and anywhere. Moreover, storage as well as warehousing services are also offered at the low cost. We always offer services keeping in mind our clients need and hence, we are able to make our clients satisfy all the time. So, following is the brief about our services:-

    Home Shifting Services

    Home shifting is a very time taking process as well as creates a lot of stress also. It includes a variety of items that need to be handling with care so, need expertise. Movers and packers have trained experts in this field hence, they can handle it in better as well as the safest way. They pack each and every item keeping in view the safety as well as the security of these goods. So, you can proceed tension free for your Home Shifting with the help of expert Piyush movers and packers. Hence, safety of your goods is our top most priority.

    Local Moving Services

    Piyush Movers and packers are experts in the field of local shifting or local moving services. Shifting services creates a huge stress but we are here to manage the whole process. So, best packers and movers have experts of packing and moving who will manage the shifting very safely and timely. However, you can get local moving services at low cost. Moreover, we ensure timely delivery of your goods at your new place within the given time frame because we are the time efficient packers and movers.

    Office Shifting Services 

    Piyush Movers and packers are experts in office shifting or commercial moving services therefore, you can. We provide local shifting services at low cost. We have our network all over India. So, best packers and movers offer office shifting services in any city or state as per your need. The office goods are packed with best quality packing material in required manner. Hence, you will receive your goods at your new place within the given time frame.

    Vehicle Moving Services

    Piyush Movers and packers offer best vehicle moving car transport services for all type of cars. We also provide bike transport services all over India at the reasonable cost. So, any type of bike or any type of car we are experts in transport of all kinds of vehicles from one place to the other. Moreover, we have best car carriers with all the safety measures. Thus, we ensure safety as well as timely delivery of your vehicle to your place. Hence, you can contact any time for your need we will provide you best solutions.

    Heavy Goods Shifting Services

    Heavy goods require expert training of packing and moving for shifting from one place to the other. Hence, Best packers and movers have specially trained heavy goods shifting staff. So, the goods can be the ATM machine, industrial machines, generators or the other heavy goods, etc. So, be stress free and contact us for your need. Piyush Movers and packers will explain you about the whole process and the cost estimates very quickly.

    Time Efficient

    Best packers and movers always try to give the time efficient services to the clients. So, time efficiency as well as top quality services satisfy the clients. You will get the cost estimate as well as the time frame of the shifting services from movers and packers. Thus, is customers friendly in their busy schedule. We offer the top quality services at low cost within the given time frame as well as safety of your goods is also maintained. Hence, get the best at just a call right now because we are there to help you anytime.

    Storage Services

    Top quality Piyush movers and packers service as storage services all over India. We have well managed warehouses to store the goods when ever required. Movers and packers  warehouses are set up near to the major highways, seaports and airports, where goods can be loaded and unloaded easily. We have the warehouses in open places for the easy move of the vehicles. Warehouses are designed with adequate space. The goods are placed in proper order. So, we ensure the complete safety of your goods.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Piyush movers and packers work with the target of 100% customer satisfaction. Top packers and movers work very good to maintain the trust of the clients and known as the best packers and movers. Our customer friendly services rewarded us with year by year growth of our clients. We focus to maintain our existing clients together with the growth of the number of our clients. Hence, we ensure the perfection in our services every time.


    Shifting Size Local Moving Upto 350 Km 350 – 750 Km 750 – 1,200 Km 1,200 – 1,700 Km 1,700 – 2,300 Km
    1 BHK Rs. 3,000 – 10,000 Rs. 10,500 – 19,500 Rs. 12,500 – 21,000 Rs. 14,500 – 22,500 Rs. 17,000 – 26,000 Rs. 19,000 – 29,000
    2 BHK Rs. 5,200 – 15,000 Rs. 13,500 – 23,500 Rs. 16,000 – 26,500 Rs. 18,500 – 29,000 Rs. 21,000 – 34,000 Rs. 24,000 – 39,000
    3 BHK Rs. 7,500 – 20,000 Rs. 16,500 – 27,500 Rs. 19,000 – 31,500 Rs. 21,500 – 36,000 Rs. 25,000 – 40,000 Rs. 29,000 – 47,000
    4 Wheeler Rs. 1,000 – 1,500 Rs. 5,000 – 9,000 Rs. 7,000 – 12,000 Rs. 8,500 – 14,500 Rs. 10,500 – 17,500 Rs. 12,000 – 20,000
    2 Wheeler Rs. 500 – 1,000 Rs. 2,500 – 5,000 Rs. 3,200 – 6,000 Rs. 4,200 – 7,400 Rs. 6,000 – 10,000 Rs. 6,800 – 11,200
    Small Office Rs. 4,500 – 25,500 Rs. 17,500 – 30,000 Rs. 20,500 – 33,000 Rs. 24,500 – 37,000 Rs. 28,000 – 42,000 Rs. 33,000 – 47,500
    Medium Office Rs. 7,500 – 45,500 Rs. 27,500 – 49,000 Rs. 31,500 – 54,000 Rs. 36,000 – 59,000 Rs. 42,000 – 66,000 Rs. 47,000 – 76,000

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